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I Saw My First Bear Up-close!

Living in New York and visiting relatives in New Hampshire I never would have guessed what my cousin had in mind for us. Life in New York is worlds apart from down there and as an outdoors nature enthusiast was it the nicest and most appreciated surprise to have been taken on an expedition with the professional expert guides of Sea Coast. I have not been on a bear hunt before and it was the most exhilarating experience ever. Next year I will hunt again when I come down and make my booking with Sea Coast for sure!

Reginald Voster, architect at


I would never have found my Moose!

I am a Moose hunter or rather a moose hunter-wannabee or would have continued to be a wannabee if it was not for Sea Coast’s clever guides. These guys are experienced and know how to find a moose even when the rest of us have not even spotted it yet. In the last few years have I used their guide services numerous times and they are the only guide I recommend for any huntsman or angler.

Lance Offing, Lead Developer at


Great Adventures with Seacoast

Even though I am a New Hampshire native, I love using a guide service as they do all the planning and know their species and times to hunt. I love deer and moose hunting and their services include absolutely everything from the setup, transportation, game retrieval, as well as animal registration. Each year my friends and I know where to go and whose service is best in our area and beyond. I will not use anyone else every even after fifteen years since I met them first.

Sven Taylor, Principle at bahis siteleri online


Excellent and Knowledge Guides

Two years ago used this New Hampshire based guide service for the first time when visiting family down that way. I wish I had such a guide service such as Sea Coast as I have never seen such friendly and knowledgeable guides before. Any fish species they know at their fingertips, and boy did we catch some great ones! I recommend them to any outdoor enthusiast for the best trip ever!

Len Low, CEO at

Top Guide Service

As the event manager at I assure you everybody looks up to what I will arrange next when we take the company on reward events. Another factor is that we often give weekend and weeklong prizes to some of our top clients and finding something different, while at the same time professional and standing out from the rest is a mission. After I used Seacoast once three years ago, I must admit that I was so impressed and feedback from guests I sent on one of their trips was so impressive that I have used them a dozen times more.

Hanife Şahin, Event manager at