Moose Hunts

Moose hunting in New Hampshire is no joke!

I guide moose in WMU L, M, G, E3, F, I1, I2, J2, and K. However, WMU L and M are my specialty. Moose are extremely difficult to find during moose season in these zones. I only guide in areas that I know very well. These are zones that I hunt or scout every year. I put in a great deal of time to find moose, not just moose sign. I already know where the moose are. I don’t have to go find them, just keep tabs on them. I have an extensive knowledge of the A zones and will guide there upon request. However, I would rather leave those areas to the guides that are better equipped to handle them. Visit the NH Guides Association for a list of guides throughout the state.

Fully guided hunts include a full time guide from sun up to sun down, sometimes with a break from the woods for lunch (or a nap) to recharge the batteries. Hunters will be taken to areas that have been pre-scouted for a scouting trip/pre-hunt briefing about one week prior to the hunt (if they are available.)

Semi guided hunts include pre scouting, trail cam photos, pre-hunt briefing and scouting trip prior to the start of your hunt, access to scouted areas, if my fully guided hunter(s) tags out early then the semi guided hunt becomes a fully guided hunt (if I have more than one semi guided hunt then they will become fully guided in the order they were booked.) A semi guided hunt is basically a fully guided hunt without a full time guide.

Scouting reports include pre-scouting of two locations in your zone. I will provide you with trail cam photos and gps coordinates to each location. A scouting report does not guarentee you access to the land scouted, if landowner permission is required hunters are responsible for obtaining permission themselves. I will not personally take hunters to the scouted locations.